Friday, 25 January 2013

Hi everyone, for those of you who are not Australians the 26th of January is Australia day, so please celebrate with all of us and do someting Australian. Say Gday have a meat pie, look at an australian movie or even go to  and have a good look at what Australia is about. It is a large brilliant country. 

Have a brilliant Australia Day

Lloyd Howlett

Thursday, 17 January 2013

One of the difficulties in being a landscape/wildlife photographer is maintaining a constant level of fitness. Why do you need to be fit you may ask? In a lot of cases you just don’t get out of the car and take the picture quite often you may need to walk canoe ski or even climb some distance. By its self this can be no easy task but with heavy camera equipment you can struggle. One good way of maintaining this fitness is cycling, yesterday I rode 140km. Apart from the obvious benefits, constant exercise helps promote a healthy and successful mind, as is reflected in

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 What ever happened to 2012. 

In 2012 photographed and drove through central Australia Crossing the mighty Simpson Desert. We then drove across Queensland to Fraser Island. This was part of a six week photographic safari.

In late 2012 by popular demand we at have launched a new product range of images.  This is known as the “compact” which is  for all of you who don't have the space for one of our spatular images. Our pricing also matches the new size available.

We have also added a link to to the Australian photos we site. 

Please feel free to  visit our web site and view our constantly gallery of images.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New Release
Tasmanian photos Series One.
Nine new pictures including Cradle Mountain in snow, Wineglass Bay, Trains, Tasmanian hairy cow.

Monday, 23 January 2012

New photos for February 2012 
From Late November to Middle December was capturing the rugged beauty of Tasmania (the southern island state of Australia). Early in February 2012 we will be hosting these wonderful images (available in poster size canvas prints) at our website for all to see.
Please find below some pre-production drafts of what you can expect to see and purchase, all work is strictly limited edition.
Stormy Day
Dove Lake
Cradle Mountain
Tasmanian Devil
Alpine Hut
Dove Lake early Morning 
Tasmanian Hairy Cow
Horse Shoe Falls
Near Hell's Gate

Here are just some of the 200 plus  images you can find at 
All photos are available as  large poster size limited edition prints  on canvas.

The Bungles

Outback River

Flinders Ranges

Rock Wallaby 
Cattle Trucks
Touros Falls

New Photos of Australian Outback and Wildlife

Recently launched specialises in large (poster size) limited edition fine art canvas prints for World wide distribution. This Site uses Google maps to show the exact location each photo was taken. You can even change to satalite view and see where photographer Lloyd Howlett was standing when He took the picture.

Photographer Lloyd Howlett in outback Australia.

Photographer Lloyd Howlett while on location in Tasmania.